Research Group

Dr Rosalyn Falconer

Post Doctaral Research Assistant

Rosalyn received her undergraduate degree in Chemistry (MChem) from the University of Oxford in 2013. Her final year research project with Prof. Andrew Weller investigated the mechanism of rhodium catalysed dehydrocoupling of phosphinoboranes. Rosalyn then moved to the University of Bristol for her PhD with the Bristol Chemical Synthesis Doctoral Training Centre. Under the supervision of Dr. Chris Russell and Prof. Doug Stephan, Rosalyn undertook research on the activation of small molecules by main group aromatic compounds, which included a placement at the University of Toronto in Canada.

Rosalyn completed her PhD and moved to Edinburgh in 2017. Rosalyn is researching the synthesis and reactivity of novel low-valent aluminium compounds.

Dr Clément Millet

Post-Doctoral Reasearch Assistant

Clément completed his undergraduate degree at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille in France. He then moved to Edinburgh in 2014 for his final year project with Dr. Stephen Thomas.
Clément then undertook a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Michael Cowley studying low-valent silicon and phosphorus-boron compounds.
Clement has stayed with the group as a post-doctoral research assistant.

Clément is investigating further phosphorus-boron low-valent chemistry and applying this chemistry to aluminium.

Dr Peter Cleaves


Peter joined the group in November 2019.

Daniel De Rosa


Daniel needs to provide a biography.

Abigail Levy

Graduate Student

Abigail finished her Chemistry BSc in 2015, which included a year abroad in Castellon, Spain. Abigail then completed an MRes in Chemistry with Professor Michael Hill and Michael Whittlesey. Abigail is a third year PhD candidate.

Abigail is researching the synthesis and reactivity of novel low oxidation state aluminium compounds.

Ella Rice


Ella completed her Chemistry MSc at Imperial College London in 2014, including a final year project in the Davies studying copper catalysis of the Ullmann reaction. Ella is a second year PhD candidate.
Ella is researching the synthesis and reactivity of low valent gallium compounds.

Alexander Beaton Garcia


Alex completed his MChem at the University of Edinburgh, including an Erasmus year in Alicante and undertaking a final year project in the Thomas group. Alex then spent a year in Vienna in the Maulide group as a research intern, before returning to start his PhD in 2019 under the joint supervision of Dr. Michael Cowley and Dr. Stephan Thomas.

Past Members

PhD Students

Dr Martin Stanford – PDRA in the Hevia group, Bern.
Dr Alessandro Bismuto – PDRA in the Morandi group, ETH.
Dr Amy Price – PDRA in the Arnold group, Edinburgh/Berkley
Dr Stephanie Urwin – CMAC, Strathclyde.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Andryj Borys
Dr Lena Albers