Group Members

Dr Michael Cowley (Group Leader)

Michael received his PhD from the University of York in 2008. He has worked in Germany and the UK, on projects ranging from NMR spectroscopy through to organometallic chemistry and low-valent silicon chemistry. Michael has been at the University of Edinburgh since 2013.  (Full Bio)

Amy Price (PhD Student)

Amy is from Oxfordshire but has lived in Edinburgh since 2006. She graduated with a Masters of Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh in 2014. Amy did her undergraduate research project with Macfarlan Smith in opiate alkaloid chemistry. Upon her return to Edinburgh in 2014 she took up a Masters project in our group investigating the chemistry of multiply-bonded P-B systems. Amy started her Ph.D. in 2014, preparing low valent mixed group 13 and 15 systems and trying to make them do useful things.

Stephanie Urwin (PhD Student)

Stephanie needs to write something to go here.

Alessandro Bismuto (PhD Student)

Alex completed his BSc and MSc at the University of Naples, where he worked with Prof. Ruffo in homogeneous catalysis, specifically on chiral ligands derived from glucose. Alex is studying transition-metal free catalysts for hydrofunctionalisation in collaboration with the Thomas group at Edinburgh. He enjoys playing football, volleyball, tennis and basically all sports, as well as listening to music and playing the guitar.

Martin Stanford (PhD Student)

Martin doesn’t normally wear a tie and he also needs to write something to go here.

Clément Millet (PhD Student)

Clément is a mysterious figure. He exists on Champagne and pain au chocolat.

Daniel De Rosa (PhD Student)

Dan worked for the Goicoechea group in Oxford before moving to Edinburgh as part of the CRITICAT CDT. His project is in collaboration with the Thomas group.

Past Members

Dr Lena Albers (Royal Society Newton Fellow, 2016-2017).